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How to remove learning that has been assigned or started
How to remove learning that has been assigned or started

Ways to remove courses, awards and learning items from a user's profile

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As the administrator

You may sometimes want to remove items that a learner was wrongly assigned or should not have started.

For assigned items, if it is a course or award, you may go to the learner's Profile, find the item that you wish to remove, click on the three dots on the tile and select 'Remove.' For standalone documents or interactive SCORM files - learners will need to remove these from their dashboard or My Learning page.


You may also remove the status from Administer > Enrolments tab. Here's a short video guide.

For in progress items, you would need to delete the learner's enrolment from the item via the 'Reports'/'Results' tab in the learning item (accessible via going to Settings if for an interactive file). If the item was started from enrolment, this will delete it completely. However, if the item was originally started from assigned status, it will go back to 'Assigned' status and will then need to be removed as above.

If an item is assigned to a learner through a group, you will need to remove the user from the group or alternatively remove the learning item from the group.

As the learner

Learners are able to remove items from their accounts if they no longer wish to do them or have added them in error.

To do this for courses and awards, the learner can go to their Profile page by clicking on their name in the top right and selecting 'Profile.' From here, they can find what they wish to remove, click the three dots, then click the 'Remove' or 'Leave Course.'

For standalone items, and interactive files that have been assigned, learners can  remove the items from their dashboard or My Learning page. If the interactive file is in progress, the learner will need to ask their administrator to delete their enrolment from it instead.

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