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Register for a Go1 learner account
Register for a Go1 learner account

Follow these steps to get started as a Go1 learner

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To start your learning journey, you will need to access your Go1 user account.

Your user account may have been registered on your behalf, you may have the option of signing in through an existing account like Microsoft, or you may need to register your own account.

Registering as a Go1 user

Your Learning and Development team will provide instructions, including a link to access your organization's Go1 Platform login page.

A screenshot of the registration form for a Go1 Portal

1. Enter your first and last name into the fields provided

2. Input your work email address

3. Enter a password for your account

Password requirements

  • Your password must contain at least one letter and be at least 8 characters long.

  • The password must not contain common words, e.g. password.

  • We recommend using a combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters, for example: @#$%&).";!?^

Please note: Your registration form might look a little different or have some extra information you need to enter.

4. Tap Create new account

5. You will then be directed to the Learning Dashboard for your Go1 Platform. You will also receive an email notification welcoming you to Go1.

Not sure if you're looking at a legitimate email from us? If you are ever unsure about an email you receive from Go1, please contact your Learning and Development and IT teams for assistance.

Remember your details

Make sure you remember your login details for next time! Once registered, you can login via or your Go1 Platform URL, for example

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