As a learning manager, you will most likely be wanting to install the Go1 Microsoft Teams app to your organization's Microsoft Teams account. This article covers how to install and work with your Microsoft Teams administrator (usually an internal IT team member) to finalise the set up.

Step 1: Find the Go1 Microsoft Teams App and begin the installation

In the list of Microsoft Team’s apps, you can search for the Go1 app.

You or someone with admin rights to your organization’s Microsoft Account will need to approve the permissions required to install the Go1 app on Microsoft Teams. In this article, we’ll call that person the Microsoft Teams administrator. f you’re not sure who has these admin rights, just contact your IT team.

Step 2: Connect with your Go1 Account

If this is the first time your organization has added the Go1 Microsoft Teams App into their Microsoft Teams account, the user will be prompted to sign in to their Go1 account, or Create a free account.

Important: If you have an existing account you will want to click ‘Sign In’ so that you sign into your existing Go1 account. Creating a new account will create a whole new account that will not have all your curated content, playlists or reporting.

Step 3: Authorising the Go1 app

Your Microsoft Teams administrator will be asked to authorize the Go1 app connection via the standard Microsoft SSO screen, along with an explanation of what the app will be accessing in order to deliver an amazing learning experience within Microsoft Teams.

Only a Microsoft Administrator can complete this step. They will need to click sign in with their admin user name and password and approve the following permissions so that Go1’s Microsoft application can communicate with their application for everything.

Your Microsoft Teams administrator can learn more about security permissions here.

If your Microsoft Teams administrator has any questions about this authorization, they can email [email protected].

Once the permissions have been accepted, you are ready to go!

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