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Setting Custom Domain Url
Setting Custom Domain Url
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If you wish to change the portal URL that shows, you need to ensure that the domain you would like to add has the CNAME or A records settings changed so that it is linked to your Go1 portal.

Primary Domains:


  • A subdomain is a subset of the primary domain. It is also referred to as a child domain or leaf domain. A subdomain has a prefix ie

  • We cannot add subdirectory as domain ie

  • If the domain alias you are applying is a Sub-Domain, apply the following DNS CNAME setting: "". CNAME "" → ""

  • You can check if the settings are applied correctly by checking your domain URL DNS settings here

Notes : Do not add the domain as an alternative login in the portal settings, this will show an error on our end when we want to add this as the primary domain.

Once completed, please contact our support team via chat or ticket so that we can add this domain to your portal's backend and make it the primary domain.

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