Control access to course completion certificates via Go1 Player

Manage whether or not learners can access their course completion certificate from the Go1 Player

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As an Administrator, you can specify the rules for how learners on your Go1 Platform can access those course completion certificates; whether they are accessible via the Go1 Player learning experience, or whether they are only available through the Go1 Platform interface, such as in My Learning and against the learner's profile.

In some scenarios, such as if you are providing your own certificate for courses built by your team, or you are delivering Go1 Content Hub through another learning management system that provides its own course completion certificates; to avoid duplication or confusion for your learners, you may wish to disable certificates from being accessible via the Go1 Player. Learn more about Go1 Player.

To do so, log in to your Go1 Platform as an Administrator. Select your avatar from the top navigation, followed by Settings.

Within the Settings page, select the tab Configuration. Scroll down to the very bottom to locate the settings associated with the Go1 Player. You will find the setting Enable Completion Certificates.

  • When this checkbox is enabled, on completion of any course, a link to the completion certificate will be accessible within the Go1 Player - even if that course is accessed via a different learning management system.

  • If the checkbox is disabled, the Go1 course completion certificate will only be available for that course completion via the Go1 Platform interface, meaning that it will not show within the Go1 Player display on the separate learning management system.

Remember to select Submit to apply any changes you have made, then open a course you have completed to confirm that your completion certificate's visibility aligns with your expectations.

Please note: Access to control the Enable Completion Certificates setting is not available on some Go1 Platforms, subject to the preference of the partner providing access to that Go1 Platform. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.


As always, please reach out to our friendly global support team via the live chat if you have any questions.

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