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How to complete an edX course with Go1
How to complete an edX course with Go1
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Getting Started

When you first open a piece of edX content, you will be asked to set your Country or Region, this information will be used to create your account with edX.

Next, you will see the course overview page. When you have finished reviewing all available information, click ‘Enroll’.

You are now enrolled in the course! To get started, click ‘Start course’.

Note: You must complete the course in the timeframe specified. If a course closes before you have finished, you will be able to enroll in a future run to attempt to complete it, however, progress is not transferrable between course runs so you will need to complete some of the material again.

Completing your course and accessing your certificate

As you click ‘Next’ to progress through each section of an edX course, you will see the top bar turn green and display a tick. You can use this top bar to navigate between sections and to see what is coming up next.

Simply work through all the available sections to complete the course. Once finished, your certificate will be available for download from the top of the Course page, or on the right-hand side of the Progress page.

Clicking ‘View my certificate’ will present a modal with important instructions for printing your certificate from both a Windows and Mac computer.

Click ‘Show my certificate’ and perform either of the options to print.

Example certificate:

Please note these certificates are provided by edX and are usually co-branded with the Content Provider.

You can come back at a later stage and access your completion certificate from the Courses tab as shown above.

Support during your edX course

If you require support at any time during your edX course, feel free to contact [email protected].

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