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Go1 Integration for Slack: Purchase and Approval Notifications
Go1 Integration for Slack: Purchase and Approval Notifications

This article will show the types of notifications you will receive when activating the Go1 integration for Slack.

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First, make sure you have the integration activated. If you need a refresher to check if the activation is correct or if your portal has yet to be activated, please check the following article: A Guide for Activating Our Go1 Integration for Slack.

Once the integration is activated, the following notifications will be delivered via Slack:

Approval Notifications to Managers: Approval notifications for purchase requests are delivered to managers and will appear in the “Messages” tab of the Go1 app within Slack.

Completed Purchases: Notifications about completed purchases will be posted to a selected Slack channel during the integration setup.

If you wish to know more or if you would like a reminder, check our guide on How to Create a Go1Pay request.

Overall Benefits of Slack Notifications:

  • A live feed of the company's activity in the designated channel

  • Share any resource you want directly from Slack without having to open your Go1 Portal.

  • Conversely, being able to access the resource and the portal page with just a couple of clicks from the Slack notification.

Approval Notifications

After a learner creates a new request, if they have an assigned manager for approval, all notifications will appear in the “Messages” tab in the Go1 app, which is for Slack.

This notification message has some important information displayed:

  1. The name of the user making the request.

  2. The name of the request.

  3. An option to open the request.

  4. An option to approve it.

  5. An option to cancel it.

All this information can help managers decide if the request should be approved, from who is requesting the resource to which type of request, if it is, to even which provider is selling the resource.

Purchase notifications

After a request is approved and the user has completed the purchase, the Slack channel will receive a purchase notification with similar information.

As shown in the image below, the only differences are as follows:

  1. A message confirming the purchase of the resource.

  2. An option to visit the provider’s page with the resource.

As you can see, this notification is much simpler and shows that the user finished purchasing the requested resource.

With these notifications providing further information, your company’s learning experience will be enriched, and managers will be aware of what the users are learning and purchasing on a regular basis!

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