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Go1 Microsoft Teams App for Team Owners
Go1 Microsoft Teams App for Team Owners

An overview of the functionality of the Go1 Microsoft Teams app for Team Owners

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Every member in Microsoft Teams has a role, and each one has different permissions. Team owners manage certain settings for the team. They add and remove members, add guests, change team settings, and handle administrative tasks. With the Go1 Microsoft Teams App the Team Owner can find, share and facilitate discussion around learning resources from the Go1 Content Hub right within Microsoft Teams.

Creating spaces for learning (Learning Tabs)

The Learning tab is a convenient place within Microsoft Teams to find, consume, share, and discuss learning resources. Team owners are able to quickly and easily set up the Go1 app for any of their teams, via direct chat with the Go1 bot. This setup process for a team will add Learning tabs to each channel of that team.

You can create a structure for learning resources on each Learning tab you create, you can.

  • Add section and text areas to help structure the learning tab.

  • Add resources directly to the Learning tab from Go1's Explore function – Click the ‘Search Go1’ option.

  • Add or remove learning resources (e.g. from Files tab, web links, or uploaded from their computer) at any time. Once files are uploaded from a computer, it can be added into the files tab repository.

  • Upload your own interactive course files in SCORM, AICC or xAPI format – Click the 'Interactive' option.

As a Learning & Development professional you know the value of learning in the flow of everyday work. Depending on how your organization designates teams in Microsoft Teams, there is a host of things you can do to keep employees engaged with learning.

As a L&D or HR Manager you may want to set up some teams that are specific to L&D programs within your organization.

Searching for learning content

The Go1 Content Hub is the most comprehensive aggregator of digital learning providers. The Content Hub gives users access to over 100,000 courses from 200 of the top digital learning and training providers, all in the one subscription. Here are a few of our learner favourites.

When integrated with Microsoft Teams you can browse for learning content on topics of interest, and to search for learning content based on the skills and values that are important to your team.

You can access the library from within the ‘learning’ tab from any Team, by selecting ‘search Go1’. When you click ‘Search Go1’ within Microsoft Teams you will see the explore dashboard with a number of popular topics and sections surfacing content relevant to the users on your Go1 Portal or you can always search for whichever topic you are looking for in the search bar at the top.

You can also search Go1 content via the left navigation Go1 tab, call the Go1 bot with ‘@Go1’ and ‘explore’ to browse the library.

Sharing learning content

You can share any learning resource with a team or an individual - right from the course itself.

When sharing content within a team you can share content in both public and private teams. Public teams are visible to everyone from the team’s gallery and you can join them without getting approval from the team owner. Private teams can only be joined if the team owner adds someone to them. In both cases you will need to be a team owner to share in these teams.

Once you identify which course to share click 'Add item to page’ to surface within the teams Learning tab.

Select ‘Copy link to share’, and share within a post of to an individual user inside or outside of Microsoft Teams.

Start a learning discussion

Team members can also start or continue a discussion about a learning resource. Discussions about learning resources will also appear in the channel associated with that learning resource, for all to join in!

Click the speech bubble next to any resource to view or contribute to a discussion.

Complete Learning together in real time with Microsoft Teams Meetings

Go1 Learning content can also be added to Microsoft Teams Meetings to enable meeting organizers to facilitate online learning sessions in a real time team environment.

During the meeting the organizer can share any resources they would like participants to complete together into the meeting.

The users will receive a notification in Microsoft Teams to open the learning item, and they can complete the resource online.

After the meeting the organizer receives a summary report of how many people have completed the learning resources that were shared.

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