Filtering a Report

How to filter a report

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All reports within the "Administer" section can be filtered into useful data and more customized data. Examples include a list of all courses complete by users to date, all courses yet to be completed to date, all statuses for a single course etc.

To achieve this filtering ability:

  1. Click your name in the right hand corner

  2. Click on Administer

  3. click into "Enrollment" 

  4. Click the "Filter" button. 

  5. Click "+" in order to add a filter field. 

  6. The drop down will list all features available for filtering (eg. type will allow you to show specific learning types such as courses only).

You may then save this filter for future reference. This is particularly useful if you have a specific course you wish to review regularly for user status updates. 

Once you have the desired filter, click "Save As" and you will be prompted with the option to rename this filter.

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