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Why has my CSV upload failed?
Why has my CSV upload failed?

Common CSV upload fail reasons and troubleshooting

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There are various attributes which can result in the failure of a CSV upload. Be sure to check out our How to upload a CSV guide before uploading to cover the basics. 

As a common practice, it is best to download the example CSV file and input data from there in order to eliminate any chance of receiving errors as a result of incorrect header/column names. From there, it is important to remember that you only need to add data for cells which you need to update and to ensure there is always an email address in the respective row in order to update a specific user.

Common Errors:

  • Column/Headers are not in the correct order. Best to use the example CSV download and add data from here to prevent this issue.

  • Assigning a manager to a user, however, the manager is only a learner in the portal. Ensure that the manager you are attempting to assign has the manager status. You may update both the user and the manager in one CSV at a time.

  • Assigning a manager to a user, however, the manager does not exist in the system. Ensure the manager is in the system with manager status.

  • The First Name or Last Name field is empty.

  • Creating a user without an email address. All users require email addresses to be added to the system.

  • It needs to be in a valid email format and have no spaces in the email fields.

  • Status field is empty when uploading a user. Import will still be successful but the system would automatically mark the user ‘INACTIVE’. Ensure these fields are completed, enter "1" for an active user and "0" for blocked/inactive.

  • Groups data error. When adding groups via CSV, you will need to add the Group ID number as opposed to the group name itself. Group ID numbers can be found in Administer > Groups and editing "Config" to include Group ID. The number will be a 5 digit value.

  • Adding a group ID that is not existing in the portal.

  • Using of incorrect separator for multiple roles, groups, or managers. We normally see comma (,) as a separator in reports. However, in the CSV import process, a comma is not a valid separator, we use a vertical bar (|) instead.
    For example:
    In the roles column, we input Learner|Manager|Administrator instead of Learner,Manager,Administrator. We also use this separator in groups and manager columns. Please remember that when adding multiple data in one cell, space in between is not allowed, or else, it will cause an upload error.

  • Any custom field for "date" column data added with the date yyyy-mm-dd. You can just click edit in excel, and format the cell in the numbers/custom tab by adding this date format: yyyy-mm-dd

  • Any custom field with a provided drop-down list should follow the drop-down listed data.

  • File is uploaded as excel (.xls, .xlsm etc) as opposed to a .CSV file

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