The 'My Team' tab sits on the dashboard just after 'My Learning'.  It can only be utilized and seen by Managers and Administrators. 

What: This dashboard summarises the activity of a manger learners so to enable better tracking of learner activity against their goals.

  • It's gives Manager the ability to view, search and sort through a list of the Users they manage.

  • The ability for a Manager to view a tally of their users progress against the goals associated with that learner, including whether a users enrolment status for a standalone LO/LI is; in Progress, Upcoming (which means the completion due date is within the next 7 days) or overdue.

  • The ability for a Manager to click to see a report of the data used to calculate their User's progress.

How to use:

Upon clicking in, you are automatically taken to the Overview page. Here you can see the learners that have been assigned to you only. Each learner has their own profile and by clicking on their names, you have access to their learning progression. In their profiles, on the right hand side, you can see the 'Edit' button where you can change personal details and you can also utilize the button with three dots to either enroll or assign them into learning. 

The second tab is Users. This section allows a manager to see an overview of all of the learners within their team. 

The final tab is Enrollments - this tab is used for reporting. 

To begin reporting on your team - click the Filter button sitting at the top of the page and find the filters you wish to utilize. If you have found a report you wish to save, hit the 'Save As' button and it will automatically save at the top of the page. These reports are live so will be updated as new users are added to your team.

You can also configure the way you view your reports. This will allow you to easily export a report in a way that can be read and understood by your audience. 

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