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How to re-upload or update interactive (SCORM) files
How to re-upload or update interactive (SCORM) files

How to add the new file and ensure learners are enrolled into the correct version

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you may want to upload a newer version of an interactive file that already exists on your platform. 

Learners who have already started the file will not be affected, so that their learning progress is not disrupted - they will still access the version of the file that existed when they enrolled into it unless you delete their enrollment into the interactive item (see below).

To add the new version of the file:

When you go to edit the interactive item, you will see the file name and a red 'Remove' button. 

  1. Please click Remove, 

  2. Then click the 'Browse Files' button that shows up 

  3. Select your new file and allow it to upload by waiting until all movement (eg, spinning circle) on the page has stopped. 

  4. Finally, make sure to click 'Save & Exit' at the very top.

To have learners that are already in-progress instead use the newly uploaded file:

You will need to fully delete a learner's enrollment into the original file - but be aware that they will start the new file from the beginning. 

To delete their enrollment into the file: 

  1. please go to a reports page (either via the learning item->Reports or Administer-Enrollments and filtering for the item or learner). 

  2. Find the interactive item entry for the learner's name and click the box to the left of their name, 

  3. Then click the '...' above the list 

  4. Select 'Delete.' 

Learners can then re-enroll themselves or you may wish to assign or re-enroll them.

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