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I am having a SCORM or interactive file issue
I am having a SCORM or interactive file issue

Common error message received with SCORM and Interactive Files

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There are varying reasons behind error messages or general errors associated with SCORM or interactive resources. For best results and user experience, it is recommended that Google Chrome is used as opposed to other internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported by Go1.

Errors most commonly encountered include:

  • SCORM not completing. This is generally because a series of internal "triggers" have not been actioned. A trigger will generally be a quiz within the interactive file, all "next" buttons or a video to be watched in full. It is recommended to follow all prompts within a SCORM for a smooth user experience.

  • SCORM not completing but all triggers met. Due to various connection reasons, a SCORM file may not feed relevant completion data back to your Go1 Portal. This could be due to an internet connection error, a browser issue or a pop-up blocking concern. A user can click the large blue "Return to LMS" hyperlink which will force the system to search for the trigger data and, in turn, feed enrolment completion back to your Go1 Portal. 

  • SCORM not opening. An interactive file not opening can be caused by varying factors. Pop-ups might not be enabled within your browser, there could be internal firewall settings which is disabling the file or it may need to be opened in full screen. It is recommended to click "Launch Course" whilst ensuring pop-ups are enabled.

  • Unable to continue to next module within SCORM. If you cannot proceed to the next page, it is generally indicative that a trigger has not been clicked such as a PDF download, an interactive learning item has not been utilised or a quiz has not been answered correctly. It is important to ensure all items within an interactive file have been completed in full.

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