Re-using existing content

How to reuse available content on your portal, to quickly create new courses.

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Content can only be reused if: 

  • The content is a standalone learning item (documents, interactive files, videos and weblinks)

  • Created in your portal / available on your portal

  • It does not have a price.  Premium subscribers can re-use Premium interactive files as they are 'free' given your subscription. 

Editing courses:

  • Only Portal Admins, Content Admins can edit any courses that are created on their portals 

  • Course Authors can only edit their courses

Search for your standalone resources

Using the search bar on the right-hand side of the page

  1. See the results that are returned

  2. Select the plus to add the result in the course structure 

  3. User can drag and drop the existing contents to the course structure and place it in the desired modules and positions 

You can also search via the recent, popular, suggested. 

You can search existing resources, in the same way you'd create a course. Search the title and select from the existing resources. 

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