Why do I see unknown accounts in my portal?

What is a SCORM-generated user account, and what to do about it

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If you find unfamiliar user accounts in your Go1 Portal in a pattern similar to [email protected], these accounts were likely automatically generated due to the setup of one or more of your courses. We call these user accounts SCORM-generated accounts.

What is a SCORM-generated account?

It is a user account automatically generated when a user enrols in re-created interactive content.

Content is considered 're-created' if it already exists as content on your Go1 Portal (such as interactive content from the Go1 Premium library), is downloaded as a SCORM package, and then re-uploaded to Go1 as a new Interactive learning object.

How did this happen?

  • From the Go1 Portal, an admin navigated to the Settings page of a course and selected to download it as a SCORM package.

  • An admin created a new course or interactive learning object on the Go1 Portal and imported the SCORM package to the new course.

  • A user then enrolled in the new course and started the interactive file. At this point, a new SCORM-generated user account was created.

  • This user's profile was automatically switched to the newly created user account while doing the course.

  • The user now has two accounts in the Go1 Portal, the original and SCORM-generated accounts.

Why is a SCORM-generated account created?

This was designed intentionally to protect the security of our users. This is mostly applicable to clients using an external Learning Management System (LMS).

How do I prevent these duplicate accounts from being created?

If you are using the Go1 Platform, we do not recommend re-uploading existing Go1 content as a new course; instead, we suggest re-using the existing content within a course through the functionality available within the course editor.

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