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Setting up Module Completion Rules

Learn how to add completion rule for modules

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To add completion rule for modules 

  1. Access Course Editing page 

  2. Select 'Structure' tab 

  3. Select a module 

  4. Select 'Completion Rule' 

Rule 1: 

Require to complete all learning items in a module in defined order first before moving on to the current selected module 

Given that there are more than one modules created on the course structure

  1. Enable the 'Require learners to complete learning items in order listed' checkbox

  2. Select a module that will need to be completed before moving on to the current one

Rule 2: 

Suggest completion date for the course with Specific Date option  

  1. Select 'Specific Date' option

  2. Select the 'calendar' icon 

  3. Select the desired date 

  4. Select 'Done' button 

Rule 3: 

Suggest completion date for the course with Completion Rule option 

  1. Select 'Completion rule' option

  2. See 'Enrollment' trigger selected by default 

  3. See '1' and 'days' are selected by default 

  4. Change those default setting as desire 

  5. Select 'Done' button  


"Parent Enrollment" trigger means that all the learning items' due dates within a module will be created when the module is enrolled  

"Enrollment" trigger means that the learning item's due date will be created on the date the learning item is enrolled

The value of the due date will depend on the the value that users input. For example, if users choose the "Enrollment" trigger with "4 days" value, the value of due date will be Due Date = Enrollment Date + 4 days  

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