Edit Course Details Tab

Edit image, price and details

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Before you begin:

  • Access the Course Editing page

  • Select the Details tab 

Add/Edit course image 

To upload course picture

  • Select to Upload Image

  • See computer local file opened and select an image 

  • Select Open

The file format must be .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png, with a maximum file size of 10 MB.

Design your image at a ratio of 16:9, 910 x 512 pixels.

Read more about Go1's image quality standards here.

Add/Edit course price with tax

  1. Input Price 

  2. Enable Include Tax checkbox

  3. Input percentage of tax 

  4. See the total price included tax 

If the Price = 0 , then the 'Include Tax' will be disabled. This is because there is no price to tax.

The user can also change the 'Currency' on the Price field by using currency drop-down list next to input value. 

You can only receive payment if you have a Stripe account.

From the setting tab, you can also update:

  • Title and Description

  • Duration: Here you can provide an estimate for the length of the course duration in hours. This will display in the course before starting.

  • Tags: Tags can be added to assist with the search functionality within Explore. 

  • Language: Specify the language your course is in. This will determine where it appears in Explore. 

  • Author: - Author of course whose name can appear at the bottom of a course if allowed  

Pro-tip: If there is no 'Optional' label next to the fields, it means that the field is Mandatory. 

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