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How to publish and unpublish your standalone items

Applicable to Standalone; Document, Link, Interactive & Video

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Once in the edit mode of a standalone Learning Item, you will be able to publish your item. 

  1. When you create a Learning Item, by default it will be in an unpublished state. The State of a learning item is indicated with an 'Unpublished' pill at the top left-hand side of the editor.

  2. On the top right of LO editor screen, you'll see a 'Publish' button.

  3. Click on that button. 

4. Upon clicking the 'Unpublished button', the pill will change to 'Published' and the 'Publish' button will replace with 'Done' button; that will help you to close the editor. 

Steps to unpublish your content:

  1. Open an already published learning item in your editor. 

  2. The 'Published' state of the item can be seen on the top left-hand side of the editor in a pill. 

  3. Click on the ellipses on the top right-hand side of the editor.

  4. The ellipses will have an option to unpublish the learning item.

Click on 'Unpublish' button and the learning item will be unpublished. With this action, the status in the pill for the learning item will change to 'Unpublished' and also the 'Done' button will be replaced by 'Publish' button.

*If your learning item is already shared in 'Marketplace' or 'Premium' or both; you will be shown a warning message before you actually unpublish the content. 

  • You can click on 'Yes, unpublish' to go ahead and unpublish.

  • You can cancel the action by clicking the 'Cancel' button.

*If your learning item is live in Marketplace or in Premium: with this action, your learning item will not be visible to 'Marketplace' or  'Premium' users any longer. 

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