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Enable single sign on with Microsoft Azure B2C
Enable single sign on with Microsoft Azure B2C
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What is Microsoft Azure B2C?

Microsoft Azure B2C allows your users to sign in using their preferred social, enterprise or local account identities to get single sign-on access to their portal.

IMPORTANT: Please ask your IT support to whitelist to allow this feature to work successfully. If this is not done, you may see an error when you click to login. 

To enable Microsoft Azure B2C for your portal, sign in and navigate to the 'User' Icon at the top of the page, and select Integrations.

Locate Microsoft Azure from the list of Add-ons and move the toggle from ‘Off’ to ‘On’.

This will enable the Microsoft Azure B2C tab on the right-hand side of the page.

Select the tab and enter the details required. If you wish, you can also customise what the text on the button will say, when it appears on the sign-in page. Type the text in to see a preview and then click 'Save'. If you choose not to edit the text, it will default to 'Log in with Azure B2C'.

Once the connection is established, all users will see the new log in button on the sign in page, which when selected, will direct them to an Azure B2C page where they can select the Identify Provider they want to login with.  

Note: The user will only need to select the Identity Provider once. When they return to the login screen again, clicking the button will directly log them into Go1.

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