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'Enrolling' vs 'Assigning' learning across the Go1 Platform
'Enrolling' vs 'Assigning' learning across the Go1 Platform

Where in the Go1 Platform can we assign, and where can we enrol?

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Assigning is the primary action to deliver learning in the Go1 Platform

Assigning learning allows you to set optional due dates that are triggered immediately, and track learner progress via the Manage page of that learning resource, and deliver other key tasks such as bulk re-assignment for annual training.

The primary action used to be 'Enrol' to trigger due dates, so we have unified the way assigning looks and feels across the Platform to deliver a consistent and efficient experience. Learn more about how we're improving your workflow to deliver learning across the Platform.

Assign learning across the Platform from these locations

Learner Profile

Search & Explore

Manage page

Awards overview

Course overview


So, why does Enrol exist in some locations?

Enrol used to be the primary action in the Go1 Platform, and we have now unified how assigning looks and feels to provide a consistent and more efficient experience. Enrol still exists in some locations within the Platform as a secondary action.

You are able to enrol learners from these features across the Platform:

Please note we recommend moving to 'Assign' as a primary action to deliver your learning effectively.

Learner profile - as a secondary action

Results/Report page any piece of learning content

Administer>Enrolments>Import, for bulk upload of pre-existing enrolments

Visibility and Access setting in Course Builder

Why is Enrol a primary action in Course Builder?

Sometimes you will need to keep courses private and unsearchable from users in the Platform. However, you may still need to share these courses with specific Learners.

This is where ‘Enrol’ for a private course is best used. In all other instances we recommend assigning learning, either individually or in-bulk.

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