The Go1 Teams app delivers an incredible learning experience within Microsoft Teams. The app allows you and other members of your organization to find, consume, share, and discuss learning resources within Teams.

The Go1 Teams app can make learning accessible for any organization. There are additional features available for organizations that connect an LMS to Go1. This article focuses on the features that are available for any organization, whether or not an LMS is connected to Go1.

For Learners

Learners can access any assigned, in progress & saved learning within the 'My Learning' tab.

  • In the personal view of the Go1 Teams App, learners (including Teams Owners) can access any learning that has been assigned by a Go1 Administrator or Manager, within the Go1 Platform.

  • Learners can resume any 'in progress' learning from their own personal 'My Learning' tab, from the Home page or by clicking on all "In progress" learning and selecting the course that they would like to resume from the list.

  • Learners can also revisit courses they have completed in the past.

  • Top Tip: All enrolment and completion data is pulled back into the Go1 Platform, so Admins can always report centrally with confidence.

Learners can discover courses and topics that interest them

  • Learners can also search for learning using the 'Explore' tab, where they will see any content available to them that is also available within the Go1 Platform. This means learners no longer need to log into the Platform to complete learning!

  • Learners can 'save' any learning for later, which appears on their 'Home' tab, for easy access later:

For Administrators (Team Owners)

Create spaces for learning (Learning tabs) in teams

The Learning tab is a convenient place within Teams to find, consume, share, and discuss learning resources. Team owners are able to quickly and easily set up the Go1 app for any of their teams, via direct chat with the Go1 bot. This setup process for a team will add Learning tabs to each channel of that team.

Create a structure for learning resources on a Learning tab

  • The Learning tab is structured to have a section for each channel of the team.

  • Resources are added directly to the Learning tab from Go1's Explore function, 'Search for content'.

  • The team owner can then add or remove learning resources (e.g. from Files tab, web links, or uploaded from their computer) at any time. Once files are uploaded from a computer, it can be added into the files tab repository.

  • Team owners can upload their own interactive course files in SCORM, AICC or xAPI format; 'Add interactive learning resource'.

  • As channels are added to the team, the team owner can also add new sections on the learning tab that correspond with those channels.

The Learning tab will also contain learning resources that have been "pinned" as useful by members of the team. Any member of the team can pin a learning resource via the message action "Pin to Learning tab".

Top Tip: Any resource posted in Chat can be pinned, not just Go1 content!

Consume learning resources in Teams

From the Learning tab, any member of the team can open a learning resource to view it within Teams wherever possible. Occasionally, some content won't be able to be embedded in Teams, but it will open in a new tab in the browser.

The app supports a wide range of learning resources including SCORM content, Microsoft file types from Teams (i.e. Excel, Word and OneNote documents), PDFs, links and more.

Sharing courses with others

You can share any learning resource with a friend or team - right from the course itself.

  • Once you identify which course to share, select ‘Copy Link to content’, and share to a user inside or outside teams.

  • Click 'Add to Learning tab' to surface within the teams Learning tab.

  • The recipient of your link will be prompted to either login with their Go1 account details, or sign up for an account if they do not have one yet.

Start or continue a discussion about any learning resource

Team members can also start or continue a discussion about a learning resource. Discussions about learning resources will also appear in the channel associated with that learning resource, for all to join in!

  • Click the speech bubble next to any resource to view or contribute to a discussion.

Complete Go1 Learning together in Microsoft Teams Meetings

The Go1 Teams App can also be added to Teams Meetings to enable meeting organizers to facilitate online learning sessions in a team environment.

  • Go1 learning resources can be added to a Teams Meeting.

  • During the meeting the organizer can share any resources they would like participants to complete together into the meeting.

  • The users will receive a notification in Teams to open the learning item, and they can complete the resource online.

  • After the meeting the organizer receives a summary report of how many people have completed the learning resources that were shared.

Access Go1’s extensive content library 

The Go1 Content Hub has the world's largest library of online learning resources, from a network of phenomenal online learning providers:

The Go1 Teams app can surface all of this learning content to your organization directly in Teams. With the Go1 Teams app, you can search Go1's learning resource library to both learn and share this learning with the entire team.

You can load Go1’s unique Explore tab in a few seconds so you can review courses from the Library in the flow of work:

  • You can also access the Library from within the ‘learning’ tab from any Team, by selecting ‘explore content’.

  • Furthermore, you can access learning from within ‘teams’ in the left navigation tab, call the Go1 bot with ‘@Go1’ and ‘explore’ to browse the Library.

  • From within ‘chat’ in the left navigation tab, the bot is already listening, so just type ‘explore’ into the message box to browse the Library.Go1 content can be viewed from within Teams, offering an incredible variety of learning formats in the Teams platform.

Explore the Library before connecting

You have the ability to browse Go1’s extensive content library before connecting your Microsoft account:

This will enable you to dive right in and start discovering and sharing content if you don’t have your Microsoft Administrator to hand! Of course, you can go on and connect your Microsoft Account at any time to unlock the full power of the learning tab.

Connect the App to your LMS

By connecting a supported LMS, customers can also get a helping hand setting up teams in just a few clicks to perfectly mimic the course structure in your LMS!

In addition, resources can be pulled in automatically from the connected LMS. See our guides on how to connect an LMS to Go1 and connecting Canvas.

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