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Accessing certificates of completion
Accessing certificates of completion

Access your certificate of completion for learning powered by Go1.

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Go1 Completion Certificates provide proof that a learner has successfully completed a piece of learning content. A Learner can access their certificates of completion whether they are using the Go1 Platform, or another Learning Management System. In this article we cover:

  1. How to access certificates as a Learner from within the Go1 Platform, or another LMS

  2. How to access certificates as an Administrator within the Go1 Platform

  3. How to download a certificate

How do I access certificates as a Learner?

There are several places to access Go1 certificates of completion. No matter the LMS you access your learning from, you will find these certificates in the following methods:

In any LMS

1. Upon completion of the learning, you will see this message of Congratulations. Click 'View certificate':

2. If you leave the learning and come back at a later stage, you can access the certificate from within the course by going back into the course and selecting 'View certificate':

3. If you do select 'Re-enroll', or 'Review', you can also access your certificate from within the course by clicking 'View certificate' at the top of the screen:

Please note: There is the ability for Go1 Platform Administrators to disable access to the course completion certificate via the 1-Player content player. If you cannot access the View certificate button within the content player, it is because that ability has been disabled by an administrator of your Go1 Platform.

In the Go1 Plaform

If you do take your learning in the Go1 Platform, you can find your completion certificates via the 'My Learning' tab against any completed piece of learning. Click the ellipsis (...) and select 'View certificate':

How do I access certificates as an Administrator?

Certificates are directly available to you as an Admin in the Go1 Platform; if you surface Go1 courses within another LMS, you may need to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to gain access to your Go1 Platform, or contact your Learners directly. Your LMS may have the option to auto-generate certificates, in which case this option might be most appropriate for your organisation.

In the Go1 Plaform

1. Within the 'Enrolments' tab in 'Administer', click the ellipsis (...) under 'Actions' and select 'View certificate':

2. Search for a Learner profile within the 'Users' tab, next to the 'Enrolments' tab. Against any completed learning, click the ellipsis (...) and select 'View certificate':

Downloading certificates of completion

Once your certificate is available to view onscreen, you will be able to download it as a .pdf. Scroll down to the bottom of the certificate and select 'Download' to store it locally on your computer:

Adding certificates to your SEEK profile

Most excitingly, you can now choose share your certificates of completion more widely outside of your Go1 user profile by adding them to your SEEK profile. This feature is limited depending on how you access Go1, so reach out to your Administrator if you wish to have this activated.

Start a conversation

Do you have any questions or feedback on certificates of completion? We're here to chat. Please reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team through the live chat, or contact your Customer Success Manager today.

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