Go1 Microsoft Teams app: Security permissions explained
Understand what the permissions mean for you, and the use of the Go1 Microsoft Teams app
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When installing the Go1 Learn app for Microsoft Teams, permissions are required to access the full functionality of the app. The Go1 Learn app uses delegated permissions which are permissions that allow the application to act on a user's behalf. The application will never be able to access anything the signed-in user themselves couldn't access.

You can read more about Microsoft delegated permissions here.

How do Administrators provide consent?

Administrators can grant consent to all permissions simultaneously from any tab or chatbot. A banner will remain at the top of the application until the Administrator has given their consent to the permissions.

Administrators will see the following list of permissions for which they can provide consent on behalf of their organization.

What happens if my Administrator has not provided consent?

If an Administrator has not given consent to all permissions, they will receive a prompt to do so when attempting to use a feature that requires access from the Go1 application. If the Administrator grants permission, they will be able to access the feature. If they decline to give consent, they will be redirected to the previous screen and will not be able to access the feature.

When a user tries to access a feature for which the Administrator has not given consent, a pop-up message will appear indicating the need for Administrator approval. Users will be redirected to the previous screen and will not be able to access the feature until the Administrator provides consent. For features that do not require admin consent, the user will be prompted to provide consent separately.

How do we use the permissions?



How it is used

Create channels*


To add a new section within the Learning tab.

Read the names and descriptions of channels*


To add a new section within the Learning tab.

Allow the Teams app to manage all tabs in teams


To allow team owners to install a Learning tab in selected channels from a team.

Allow the Teams app to manage itself in teams


To read if the Go1 app is installed in a given team and to install the Go1 app in a given team.

To generate deep links for specific content using the `Copy link to share` option when consuming learning content.

Send chat messages


To notify all the users in a chat that a File has been added to the Learning tab.

Have full access to all files you have access to


To enable team owners to create content using files in the Learning tab.

Maintain access to data you have given it access to


To allow the Go1 Learn app to keep access to what it is allowed from the above permissions.

View your basic profile


* Note this permission is only required for the old version of the learning tab and will be removed once all users are on using the new default version of the learning tab.  

Which features require permission?

Read groups

When the Go1 app is added to a team, a learning tab is created. Each learning tab has sections replicating the ‘channels’ available within a team (see ‘finance’ or ‘Leadership’ in the image above, for an example). This requires the Go1 app to read groups.

As a team owner, if you want to create a new channel and replicate this concurrently within the learning tab, select “Add section for channel” option. This action requires the Go1 app to write groups.

Allow the Teams app to manage tabs in teams / Allow the Teams app to manage itself in teams

When you are consuming learning content through the Search Go1 button or through Explore content card, you have a button available to copy the link to that content, which you can use to share content with other users.

Search Go1 via the Learning Tab

Explore content card (in Chats, Meetings and Channels)

Copy link to share option

Copy link to resource option

Have full access to files you have access to

  • In order to upload files from your computer to your Learning tab as a team owner, the Go1 app needs to be able to read files.

  • In order to upload content from the Files tab, if you have moved files to this repository, the Go1 app needs to write files.

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