When installing the Go1 Microsoft Teams app, permissions are required to access full functionality of the app. In order to gain access to full functionality, contact your Microsoft Admin (typically a member of your IT team) to approve the following:

Here are the considerations and impact of these permissions within the Teams app:

  • Microsoft is responsible for the exact wording of the permissions.

  • All permissions require your Microsoft Admin to grant access, except “Sign in and read user profile”; Teams Admins can grant permissions at the ‘application’ level, but not consent on-behalf of other users at a higher level.

  • Granting application level permissions grants consent to Go1’s Microsoft application ID

  • Go1 uses the same Microsoft application ID to interact with Microsoft for Teams and for Graph Connectors, so the permissions need to include everything. See below to learn more.

1. Sign in and read user profile / Read all users’ full profiles

This permission allows the Go1 app to understand who teams owners are within your organization. By reading a user’s profile, the Go1 app can see which teams a user is associated with. Team owners can:

  • Add Learning tabs to a team where they are a team owner using the Go1 chat bot

  • Manage the banner image and learning content delivered through each Learning tab

2. Read and write files in all site collections

In order to upload files from your computer to your Learning tab as a team owner, the Go1 app needs to be able to read files.

In order to upload content from the Files tab, if you have moved files to this repository, the Go1 app needs to write files.

3. Read and write all groups

When the Go1 app is added to a team, a learning tab is created. Each learning tab has sections replicating the ‘channels’ available within a team (see ‘finance’ or ‘Leadership’ in the image above, for an example). This requires the Go1 app to read groups.

As a team owner, if you want to create a new channel and replicate this concurrently within the learning tab, select “Add section for channel” option. This action requires the Go1 app to write groups.

4. Read and write items in external data sets

Go1 has developed a Microsoft Graph Connector which can be used to export learning content from Go1 to Microsoft Search. This means learners can find training resources while they are in Office.com, Sharepoint or Bing. This feature is currently in beta. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to learn more.

To use the Go1 Graph Connector, Go1 needs permission to create external items in the Graph API. This permission is only used if your organization has enabled the Graph Connector.

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