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What support does Go1 offer to partners?
What support does Go1 offer to partners?
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Go1 provides round the clock, Enterprise support to its partners. Where the partner is consuming Go1 content into their own LMS or distributing Go1 content to their customers, Go1 will provide a single point of contact for any content related query.

Any issues which require a content partner to resolve, Go1 will own to resolution.

This service is provided 24x7 to all Go1 partners whose customers are using Go1 content. Any content related escalation from a customer to partner can be captured and escalated to Go1 for resolution (after some simple diagnostic tasks).

When escalating a content issue, what information should I include?

When escalating a content issue or query to Go1, some simple information is required to help expedite resolution:

· You (the partners) name

· The customers Go1 identity (their Go1 portal URL)

· The content ID and title which the issue is being experienced with

· The name or email address of the individual user (where relevant) who is experiencing the issue.

· The steps to replicate the issue and ideally any screenshot or recording of the issue.

Providing this information up front will minimize amount of follow up required and will ensure Go1 has everything required to diagnose and escalate to the content provider, where needed.

What are the common content questions does Go1 get from partners and their customers?

Completion status or score not correct within the LMS.

A common query related to completion status flowing through to the customers LMS.

Go1 provides full support for the SCORM and so completion events will be made available to the LMS via the SCORM standard. However, on occasion there can be nuances between content providers and SCORM players, as well as some user interface considerations.

If completion status is not displaying for a particular course, first confirm the following:

· Is every video or module in the course complete?

· Have all quiz or assessment questions been answered?

· Did the user complete the course, then click on the ‘X’, exit or close button in the course header?

· Did the user keep the browser or tab open right up until the course was completed?

If the answer to any of these questions was no, then the issue should be escalated to Go1 support.

There is an error within the content.

Go1 makes every effort to quality assure content as it is consuming from the content provider, into the Go1 marketplace.

Occasionally, the provider themselves may have a content related issue. Go1 has monitoring solutions in place to detect this.

If your customers find a content issue, they will escalate this to your support team. From there, you will be able to escalate this to Go1. These issues could include an error message being displayed to the user or a content copy typo.

Where possible, the Go1 support team will recommend an alternative content item to use, from the content available to your customers.

In parallel, Go1 will escalate any such error to the content provider and will work with them to resolve, notifying you once the resolution is in place and verified by Go1.

When escalating content issues or errors, be sure to note the content title and Go1 learning object ID, customer portal URL and learner name or email address.

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