When content is exported from Go1 and added it to your own LMS, you may encounter an error that prevents learners from playing the content. If encountered, these issues need to be resolved by your LMS provider.

Types of error messages

Missing Student ID

Go1 needs to know your student ID so your learning can be appropriately tracked and recorded in the learning management system (LMS). If your organisation's LMS does not provide the student ID to Go1 when launching content, you will receive the following error message and will not be allowed to play the content. To resolve the issue, contact your system administrator for help.

SCORM API issues

If you receive the following error when attempting to launch or during the play of content, it indicates that Go1 cannot communicate with your organisation’s learning management system (LMS) using the SCORM API. The SCORM API is used to communicate and track your progress between different systems. When it is not found, or we cannot communicate with it, your progress and completions cannot be recorded. These errors can only be resolved by your LMS provider. Contact your system administrator for help.

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