If you wish to assign an Award to a large volume of learners, it might take a little too long to assign to users individually.

Many Administrators use Groups to deliver curated learning to specific groups of learners. Once a Group has been created and your users added, you are ready to assign the Award to the Group.

It is now possible to assign up to 20 individual pieces of content and Awards to a Group in one go, so you don’t have to repeat the process each time they wish to assign content.

  1. Search for the learning resources or Award(s) from within the Group.

  2. If learning has been previously assigned, the status will show on learning resources within the results.

  3. Select the learning you wish to assign to the group.

  4. A message will appear to the Learning Manager confirming ‘learning resources successfully assigned’.

Additional things to remember

  1. If a user has already started a piece of content before it is assigned, and they are then assigned the learning via Groups, their reporting status will update from 'Self-directed' to ‘assigned’ in the Manage page report.

  2. If a Learner already has a piece of content or Award assigned to them with a due date, this will be updated to new due date specified via the Group assignment.

  3. If it is time for Learning Managers to re-assign Learners to start from the beginning (such as annual compliance), they can do so via the Manage page of each individual learning resource.

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