A course author can add completion rules on three different levels:

Completion rule in the course

Completion rule for Modules – please see the help article Setting up Module Completion Rules

And completion rules for individual learning items

This article will guide you on how to set up a completion rule for individual learning items.

To add completion rule for Individual Learning Items:

1. Access the Course Editing page

2. Select the 'Structure' tab

3. Select a learning item

4. Select 'Completion Rule'


Option 1: Specific Date - You can set any future dates to specify the timeframe of completion.

Option 2: Completion Rule

The following are the available completion rule triggers:

Commencement - triggers when the learner has started the individual learning item

Parent enrollment – triggers when the learner has started the module where the individual learning is attached.

Course enrollment – triggers when the user started the course. Please note that the enrollment triggers if the user has clicked the course’s ‘start’ button and started at least one learning item. This rule also applies to force enrollment performed by an admin even that shows a‘ not started status.

This is how the upcoming individual due dates appear in the learner's view

And this is how overdue individual learning items appear in the learner's view

Unlike courses with a due date, individual learning items with a due date will not send due date reminders to users who failed to complete them on a given timeframe.

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