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How to Remove Content From a Group
How to Remove Content From a Group
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There are two ways to connect learning items to a group

  1. Assign Learning items to a group

  2. Add Learning items to a group

Both learning items will appear in the 'All' tab

Assigned Learning item is mandatory. The learning item will appear in the learner's 'Assigned' tab and the learner will receive an assignment notification if this notification is enabled in the portal.

Added Learning items are those learning items you directly shared with your group via visibility and access settings. You can only add a learning item to a group if you can access its visibility and access. Unlike assigned learning items, this learning item is not mandatory, and group members will not be auto-assigned to it.

How to remove assigned learning from a group

📒Please note that removing the content from a group will also remove all the assignment records in the report unless the learner has already started or completed the learning item.

  • Under the 'Assigned' tab

  • Hover your mouse on the right-hand side

  • Click the three dots

  • Click 'remove from group'

How to remove an 'ADDED' learning item from a group?

  • Go to the learning item

  • Click edit

  • Click 'Visibility and Access'

  • Click the 'X' button found on the right hand side of the group name

  • Click 'Yes Remove'

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