What is a group?

A Group is a method of grouping users by Team or Topic to deliver learning programs to a cohort of users.

  • Groups are the preferred way to deliver programs of learning to many users, over Awards

  • Groups can be public or private

  • Groups can be restricted to ensure users cannot leave and miss assigned learning

  • Groups have a discussion board that can be enabled or disabled

How to get the most out of Groups

Simplify onboarding

Encourage peer-to-peer learning and discussion in user groups

  • 'Groups' fosters discussion between peers, in threads, that all group users can access.

  • This promotes peer-to-peer learning and supports the transfer of organizational knowledge across departments.

  • This feature can be switched off if it isn’t relevant to your organisation.

Maintain privacy, with the option to make groups public

  • Groups can be kept private, so discussion is only accessible to group users.

  • If you prefer to have full transparency, Groups can be made public with ease.

  • Learners cannot see email addresses of other Learners within Groups, to maintain user privacy. Admins and Content Admins can still Learner email addresses.

See How to Create a Group for more information. 

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