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How to bulk remove users
How to bulk remove users
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If you need to bulk remove or block users in the Go1 platform, you can follow the steps below. Once you have blocked the users, they can no longer access any learning content or reports in Go1. They will also no longer be able to log in to their account.

  1. Log in to your Go1 Platform as an Administrator.

  2. Select your avatar from the main navigation, followed by Administer.

  3. From the Administration dashboard, select the tab Users.

  4. From the Users report, click on the ... button that is next to + Create and select Import.

  5. In the bottom left corner, you can download a CSV template.

6. Using a CSV template, input the users' email addresses, first and last names, then put the Status as 0 = Blocked, or leaving this field blank will automatically deactivate the users.

7. Once done, you can upload the CSV document to the same Import area in Users, which will update and block the users.

8. To see the blocked users, you can update the filter status from Active to Inactive. This will only show users who have been blocked and will not show users who are currently Active.

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