How to bulk import users

How to import users via CSV

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Importing bulk users via CSV can add numerous users at once and save you the trouble of adding large amounts of users individually. 

  1. To begin, log in to your Go1 Platform as an Administrator

  2. Select your avatar from the main navigation, followed by Administer

  3. From the Administration dashboard, select the tab: Users

  4. From the Users report, click on the ... button that is to the right of + Create.

This will provide a drop-down box and provide the option of "Import". Click into this and you will be presented with an option of uploading a document from your computer (in the bottom left corner you can download an example CSV template if you are unsure of the format). 

By using this CSV template, an admin can copy and paste data into the respective fields within the spreadsheet. The provided columns need to stay in the same position and represent the following data:

  • Email - Email address of the user (valid email format)

  • First Name and Last Name - Name of the user

  • Status - Active or Inactive. 1 = Active. 0 = Inactive.

  • Manager - Email address of the user's manager

  • Group - Group ID (number can be found in the group URL). This field can be left blank.

  • If your Go1 Platform has any custom profile fields, these fields will also be displayed within the sample CSV sheet.

The Import option on the Users report can also enable you to bulk update existing users.


Upload failed? Here's a video guide.

  • Search cells for spaces. The Upload will error out if there is a space after the content.

  • If there is a manager listed that isn’t yet in the system, it errors out the whole upload. Check that the requested manager has manager permissions in Go1, then proceed with re-upload.

  • For multiple roles, manager or group, check on the separator symbol. "|"

  • Any custom field for "date" column data added with the date yyyy-mm-dd. You can just click edit in excel, and format the cell in the numbers/custom tab by adding this date format: yyyy-mm-dd

  • Any custom field with a provided drop-down list should follow the drop-down listed data.

  • Important actions to note!

    • If you upload a spreadsheet to do a bulk update on users, but fail to include their roles, it will default everyone to a Learner role. That means all admins including yourself will now become a learner, revoking all the admin access you currently have.

    • All other cells apart from -Email-First Name-Last Name-Status-Roles- can be empty when uploading and it won't change any of the current settings of the users.

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