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Tips for driving learner engagement using pre-curated content
Tips for driving learner engagement using pre-curated content

Get ideas for how to drive ongoing engagement and level up your learning program.

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Working with thousands of employers, across the globe, we know that ongoing skill-building, driving adaptability through learning, and unlocking potential across diverse workforces are real challenges for organizations and the success of their L&D initiatives.

We also know that engaging learners is the best starting point for building a successful L&D program.

That's why we've consolidated hundreds of pre-curated playlists from our team of curation experts and our content partners, to bring you the best content ideas across future-ready skills and topics for today's learners.

With all these content ideas at your fingertips, the next challenge is how to use them. Here are some ideas for driving engagement and getting the most out of your subscription:

Tips for driving learner engagement

  • Support healthy learning habits - Just as a personal trainer recommends regular and targeted activities to build fitness and strength, we recommend supporting your team to build their learning muscle and habits by regularly suggesting content through your internal communications channels.

  • Involve your managers - Empowering managers and team leaders in your organization to learn, share their own learnings, and plan and promote their own learning programs within their teams, will make a little effort go a long way, and drive more widespread engagement. Encourage your managers to bookmark and regularly browse our pre-curated playlists for ideas.

  • Celebrate and make time for learning - It helps to celebrate your team's learning achievements and make learning a habit through simple activities like modeling behaviors, sharing what you learned, and adding "Learning Shares" (what did you learn this week?) as a standing agenda item to your team meetings.

  • Acknowledge diversity - Every employee's experience is different. Not everyone is naturally motivated to learn, and people can sometimes be resistant to change, especially if it involves a new way of working, learning a new tool or skill, or juggling other day-to-day priorities. Acknowledging diversity of experience and allowing people to learn in different ways and at different times can help reduce psychological barriers.

  • Promote a growth mindset - Our most successful customers are able to enable a growth mindset in their people, create an appetite for building skills and knowledge, and encourage self-directed exploration in vocational learning.

Two simple steps to get you started

For teams who are just getting started with learning, we recommend:

  1. Select just a handful of courses from these popular playlists, to whet your team's learning appetite:

  2. Bookmark and regularly browse our full suite of playlists, for new ideas to share, and keep learning alive in your organization

Meet Shannon Hererra, Go1's Head of Content Curation

For more engagement ideas, tools, and resources to help you plan, launch, and deliver your learning program, visit the Customer Success Hub.

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