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Create Users and Managing Welcome Emails in Go1Pay
Create Users and Managing Welcome Emails in Go1Pay
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Create Users and Managing Welcome Emails in Go1Pay

Create a New User

As an administrator, you can expand your team by adding new users to Go1Pay. Here’s how to create a new user:

Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Click on your initials or profile picture in the top right corner and select “Administer” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Navigate to the “Users” tab within the administration dashboard and click on the “Create” button to open the user creation form.

Step 4: Fill in the new user’s details:

  • Email Address: Enter the user’s official email address.

  • Given Name: Provide the user’s first name.

  • Family Name: Provide the user’s last name.

Optional Fields:

  • Roles: Assign any relevant roles to the user.

  • Manager: Select a manager from the dropdown list if applicable.

  • Group: If the user belongs to a specific group, select it here.

Step 5: Once all the necessary information is entered, click the “Save” button.

These actions will add the user to the platform without sending a notification. The welcome email, which provides access to Go1Pay, will be sent as described below.

Sending a Welcome Email

To ensure that the newly added user can access Go1Pay, you need to send them a welcome email. Follow these steps to send a welcome email:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Users” tab within the Go1Pay administration dashboard.

Step 2: Find the team member who requires the welcome email in the user list.

Step 3: Select the checkbox next to the user’s name and click on the “three-dot menu”.

Step 4: Choose “Send Welcome Email.”

You can send the welcome email in bulk by selecting the checkbox next to the desired users and choosing “Send welcome email”.

The users will receive an email containing all the necessary information to access Go1Pay.

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