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How to Add a User’s Budget to Their Go1Pay Account
How to Add a User’s Budget to Their Go1Pay Account

Follow these simple steps to update the budget balance of your Company users' Go1Pay accounts.

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As an admin, you can add funds to user accounts, enabling them to use their Go1Cards across various websites. This step-by-step guide will walk you through adding budgets to a user account.

Go to the Go1Pay portal and enter your admin credentials to log in.

Access the Admin Menu

Go to the top right corner where your profile icon is located. Select the button with your initials (view profile).

Navigate to the Administer Section

Scroll down the dropdown menu and select “Administer.”

Go to the Users Section

Once in the “Overview” section, you will see the option to select “User.”

Click on “User” to proceed to the Users area.

Find the User

In the Users area, scroll down or use the search bar to type in the name or email of the user for whom you want to modify the budget.

Edit User Details

Once you have found the user, locate and click the button with three dots ("...") in the user’s row and then select “Edit Details”.

Modify the User Budget: Once you click on “Edit details”, a side tab will appear where you can modify the user details. Locate the budget section and enter the desired amount of funds to add to the user's account.

Save Changes: After entering the new budget amount, click on the “Save” button to finalize the changes. And that's it! You have successfully added funds to the user’s Go1Pay account.

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