In this tutorial you will learn how to export a SCORM Package. 

To begin - make sure your portal has the SCORM export settings enabled. 

You can find the SCORM settings, via Integrations :

Once switched on, select SCORM (under the add-ons heading), and press the button Generate SCORM provider application to activate.  

You are now able to download SCORM packages on your portal.
If you don't enable SCORM within integrations settings you will receive this prompt to activate and generation SCORM integration:

Now find the course/interactive you are wanting to export - to export:

  1.  Select the more menu on the course slat
  2. Select Settings

Upon clicking into the item, click on the 'Settings' tab and download the SCORM package. 

If you choose an item that doesn't have the settings option, simply click on the item to access the overview page and find the settings tab. 

After clicking the 'Download SCORM Package' button you will export the course via a Zipped file.

Watch a video of the process below:

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