You can follow the steps outlined below to delete each type of item.

Deleting a standalone learning item

  • Go into the standalone learning item's edit page. 

  • Click on the 'Settings' tab (three dots in top right-corner)

  • Click the red 'Delete' button 

Deleting a course Within An Award

Go to the award's page, click 'Edit' to the right of the award title, scroll down and find the tile for the course or item you wish to delete and click the 'X' on the top right. Don't forget to save by hitting 'Save & Exit' at the top right side of the screen!

Deleting an award

Go to the award's page, click on the 'Settings' tab, then on the left below that click on 'Publish/Sharing' and click the red 'Delete' button on the bottom right side of the screen.

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