Can I delete a course or resource?

How to remove access to a course or standalone learning item

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There may come a time when a course or standalone learning item you have created is no longer relevant to your learners.

You can remove this course or resource from access by Unpublishing it. This ensures that any enrollments against that course or standalone learning item remain for reporting purposes.

To unpublish a course or standalone learning item:

  1. Log into your Go1 Platform as an administrator, or as the author of that item.

  2. Search for the learning using the search bar in the top navigation and locate it within your search results.
    Tip: If it's difficult to find, try filtering your search results by Provider, to only show the content created on your Go1 Platform

  3. Select the more icon (...) for that item and select the option: Edit

  4. From the Edit screen, select the more button (...) from the top right, located next to the Visibility and Access button

  5. Select the option: Unpublish

  6. A window will pop up, asking you to confirm if you wish to unpublish that item.

  7. Select Yes, unpublish.

  8. The pop-up window will close and a notification will show to confirm that the course or standalone learning item is now Unpublished.

  9. Select the close (X) button from the top left to exit, or if you wish to republish the learning, select Publish from the top-right.

Once a course or standalone learning item is unpublished, it is no longer visible to learners, and will not show within search results.

Please note: We no longer offer the ability to completely delete the course or resource. Questions or feedback? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or tap the live chat button in the bottom-right to speak with our 24/7 support team.

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