How to edit user details

This article will show you how to update user name and email.

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To edit a user's details on a portal, you must have either the Administrator or Content Administrator role. For Content Administrators to get this access, the Administrator must first give them permission (this is managed via Portal Settings > Configuration).

Click on your name (top right corner) and select 'Administer'.

Select 'Users' and click on the user name you wish to edit. 

Select 'Edit' from the drop-down next to their name.

Click into the Email or Name fields to edit the user's details and then click 'Save'. 

Note: You can only change a user's email address if you are an Administrator across all portals they access. Learners can edit their own email address following the steps here.

The user will receive a notification via email to their original email address, advising them that the email address associated with their Go1 user account has changed.

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