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Creating a user without an email address
Creating a user without an email address

How to create a user account for an individual that does not have an email address

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Go1 Platform requires everyone who interacts with the interface to log in using an email address. If there is a situation whereby a learner requiring access to your Go1 Platform cannot obtain an email address, then a free email account would need to be set up in order for the user to access the Go1 Platform.

Go1 recommends the use of a free email hosting platform like Gmail to create a new email address and then use this email address to register a Go1 Platform user account.

If absolutely cannot use an email address that requires a password to log in and access the emails, then test email services like Mailinator are available.

Mailinator (and equivalent services) offer immediate access to test email accounts, which can be used for the setup process of a user who has no access to emails. Emails created through these test services do not require a password to access.

Once you have determined an email address to use for your team member using one of the solutions outlined above, create a Go1 Platform account for that person by following the steps below:

Steps to create

  1. While creating the user, add in the email address as the user's email, and select to send welcome email

  2. Access the inbox of the email account to open the Go1 welcome email

  3. Click the link within the welcome email to set a password for that email address to access the Go1 Platform as normal

  4. In a secure format, provide the individual with their Go1 Platform log in details (URL to log in, email address, and password).

Please note: Due to the nature of free email account services like Mailinator, the email account will not be secure. Please consider the risks and potential impact of this before creating any internet account using a free email account.

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