Do you find yourself needing to change your email, or maybe using your work and personal email to access your GO1 account? Well with the ability to add a secondary email you can do just this.

To begin, log in to your account noting that this can only be done for the account you're logging into. You can't change an email address of another user with this method. If you need to change the email address of another user, check out this guide here.

Once logged in, you will need to click on your name in the top right and then click into "Account Settings".

Once you have made your way to the Account Settings page it's time to make the change. Firstly, you will notice the option to "Add a secondary email address".
You will simply add in your email here. On doing so, you will be sent a verification email to that email address to ensure the email entered is correct and is actually yours. Click this verification email to continue. Note: You'll know you're successful when the big red X change to a green Tick. 

If you are having issues verifying, check your junk mail box. Alternatively, if needed, you can re-send the verification email by clicking the 3 dots next the email you have added. 

Once verified, the big green tick will show and you would have successfully added a secondary email! You can now log in with either your primary or secondary email. 

If you want to go a step further and change your email address, then you will need to click on those 3 dots once more and click on "Make Primary". This will change your secondary email to primary. 

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