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Troubleshooting errors in portals and course
Troubleshooting errors in portals and course
Updated over a week ago

It is very beneficial for you to provide us with the required errors, screenshots, and logs to assist us in further troubleshooting issues that arise on the portal and course.

Gathering Console Log and HAR Logs (On Google Chrome)

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser.

  2. Right-click any part of the page and choose Inspect or press F12 (Windows) or press Option+Command+I (Mac).

  3. Once opened - check the network and console tab

  4. Make sure the Preserve log checkbox and Filter > All are selected on the Network tab.

  5. Go to the Console tab.

  6. Test and replicate the errors to ensure they can be recorded in the console logs.

  7. Reproduce the problem. Once done, save the console log by right-clicking anywhere in the Console Log and click Save-As. Save the file to your desktop or your downloads folder.

  8. Then save the network log by right-clicking in the Network logs, and then choose Save as HAR with Content.

  9. You can refer to this video recording for a guide

Taking Full-Page Screenshots of the page

  1. Take a screenshot of the complete page - where you see an error
    - click and hold down Win, Shift and press S on your keyboard
    - select the page you wish to capture.
    - once done, windows will save it to the clipboard.

  2. Paste the screenshot into a document or email
    - visit the page where you would like to paste the screenshot from your clipboard
    - then click and hold down Ctrl and press V on your keyboard

  3. You can read further here -

Taking Full-Screen Recording of the page

  1. You can use screen recordings available ie or Drift video

Collecting browser and device details

  1. You can visit this page and use the share link on the page or screenshot the page and send us the details.

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