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Managing Content Retirements
Managing Content Retirements

Understand content retirements and how to manage changes in your library

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As part of our commitment to providing the most current and relevant learning content, we regularly update our library. This process includes the retirement of content that is no longer up-to-date or relevant. Understanding how content retirements work and how to manage these changes is crucial for maintaining an effective learning environment.

Managing Upcoming Retirements

In Go1 Admin, Learning Administrators have access to an overview of upcoming content retirements in their library. This feature allows you to:

  1. View Retirements: You can see a list of content that is scheduled to be retired soon or has already retired, enabling you to plan accordingly.

  1. Discover Suggested Alternatives: For each piece of content that is retiring, we provide suggestions for alternative resources. This helps you to quickly find and add suitable alternatives to your library.

Understanding Retirement Statuses

In the Go1 Admin, you will encounter two types of retirement statuses:

  1. Retiring Soon: Content marked as Retiring Soon is still available but will be leaving the library soon.

  2. Retired: Content marked as Retired has been retired from the library. After the retirement date, the content is no longer discoverable in search and new learners are unable to start a new enrolment. Learners with an in-progress enrolment can continue their learning until the content is removed from the library.

Staying Informed with Monthly Retirement Emails

To help you stay ahead of these changes, you can opt into a monthly retirement email from within Go1 Admin. This email will notify you of any content that is scheduled to retire from your library in the coming month, ensuring that you are always informed and prepared.

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