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A Guide to Deactivating Go1Pay
A Guide to Deactivating Go1Pay

When deactivating your Go1Pay account, follow these steps for a seamless transition and to tie up loose ends.

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Steps to Deactivate Go1Pay

Clear Pending Invoices

Begin the deactivation process by instructing your employees to upload any pending invoices. This step ensures that all financial transactions are up to date and helps close the account smoothly.

Coordinate Request Cancellations

We would need to cancel any pending requests for approval and halt any transactions that have not been finalized. This step is essential to prevent further purchases during the deactivation process.

Pause Go1Pay Activity

You will need to pause the account temporarily to avoid additional transactions. This ensures no further purchases or activities occur while the deactivation is in progress. If you want to learn how to pause Go1Pay, please go to this article (here).

Balance Refund Process

Once the account is on pause, the Go1Pay team will initiate returning your remaining Go1Pay balance. This refund will be credited to the same bank account registered during the KYC process, ensuring a straightforward and secure transaction.

Following these steps, you can deactivate your Go1Pay account efficiently, tying up loose ends and ensuring a hassle-free exit. To initiate the deactivation and for further assistance, contact the Go1Pay support team (here), who will guide you through the process and address any queries.

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