Compliance training
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Whether you're a small to medium-size business, government department, or multinational enterprise, many organizations have industry or regulatory compliance requirements. These compliance requirements can result in your entire organization, or team members within your organization, needing to complete mandatory training on a recurring basis, and for you to show evidence that training has occurred.

You can meet your compliance requirements and reduce risk to your organization by delivering mandatory training through the Go1 Platform learning records management page.

Assign compliance training

To get started, log in to your Go1 Platform as an administrator or manager.

Determine the training your team members must do and the date by which they must complete that training. Locate the course or resource relevant to that training through the search bar in the top navigation in your Go1 Platform.

Then follow the steps in our how-to to assign the course or resource to a small number of individuals, or bulk assign to a wider audience, such as your entire organization.

Manage compliance training

Monitor your team's learning as they progress towards their due date through that course or resource's Manage page.

As the due date nears, follow up with anyone who has not yet completed the training.

Made a mistake? No problem:

  • If the date by which the learner need to complete course or resource is not correct, you can edit their due date.

  • If a learner has been incorrectly assigned to that course or resource and don't actually have to complete it, you can also easily delete that assignment.

  • If a learner has started the course or resource without having been assigned to it, you can add a due date at a later point.

Once the due date for your compliance training has passed, send a reminder to follow up with anyone who is overdue (meaning non-compliant) to ensure this is corrected as a priority and export all of the learning records for that compliance period.

Reassign compliance training

Once you have saved these exported records in a safe place, reassign the mandatory training for your new compliance period. Reassigning will archive the old learning records, allowing for you to focus on your team's progress within the current compliance period.

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